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K.E.Y.A : Neo-digital archive Manifesto Tehrani, Yekta A.


Future collections are redefined and curated as immaterial fictions, echoes of materialistic dwellings and synthesized human recordings. As individuals we will no longer be occupied with the act of archiving, but rather these future curations will be preserving humanity. Our initial cabinets of curiosities have disappeared and there is no longer any delay in our sense of gratification. By Inverting the narrative and composition of human data, other truths or errors are exposed. Imperfections are not seen as failure, but as a balance between harmony in a composition and an ever-improving technique. In order to investigate the immateriality of collections, this thesis narrates and conducts a speculative study on the evolution of an artificially autonomous voice, named KEYA. KEYA is conducting an investigation on the Pantheon. The Pantheon is a trope and is the merging point between two other random searches. Merging locations such as the Persepolis and the Seed Vault. What she narrates will be one edition of her curation and has multiple editions of the same search conducting a new narrative a the same time. KEYA is one of many and this thesis is highlighting only 1 second of her search and evolution that breaks through the physical and exposes the immaterial.

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