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Localized Streetscapes : A context based approach to managing stormwater on steep slopes Fairburn, Bryce


Localized streetscapes explores how water infrastructure affects the ways in which people relate to, and engage with, the spaces they inhibit. Following a historical exploration that reveals the sundry nature of water infrastructure, this thesis then seeks to explain the influence of high-modernism on 21st century infrastructural systems. This broad inquiry is followed by an examination of urbanization and climate change and the resulting impetus for a new approach to the design of cities. These concepts are applied to the local context, Vancouver, in an effort to aid the City in reaching its Rain City Strategy targets. This design explores the feasibility of managing and retaining stormwater on steep streetscapes. A pedestrian focused approach is taken that emphasizes accessibility and deprioritized vehicular convenience. The design project takes the form of an interconnected streetscape that is both scalable and reproducible.

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