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#nomorelonely : building community with 1 trillion trees Baker, Gary P


During 2020, in an effort to help curb the climate crisis, the World Economic Forum announced a campaign to grow, restore and conserve one trillion trees around the world by 2050, the year by which the United Nations projects two-thirds of our global population will be urban dwellers. In the meantime, another alarming life-threatening crisis is expanding across our metropolises where social isolation is deepening amid densification: loneliness in the city. By analyzing variations in the use of woodlands and forests in urban places, I will offer proposals for how landscape architects can work with trees in their designs of neighbourhood spaces to respond in tandem to curb the climate crisis and loneliness. In positing that the forest is the city, I will identify opportunities to engage Vancouverites in the design, planning, planting, and caring for the trees in their neighbourhoods. With an advent of responsible stewardship of the urban canopy and reciprocity in the relationships to be formed with neighbourhood woodlands and with other neighbourhood residents, I will suggest that these proposals could help to ameliorate experiences of loneliness while addressing elements of our climate crisis.

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