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The Happiness Machine Lash, Rhianna


Welcome to Cloudbank; an oligopoly metropolis governed by monetary exchange, investment and the intrinsic value of things, people, and architecture. As you wake, eat, work, bathe, consume entertainment, sleep and repeat, you feel content in the routine that plays out every day, week, and year. Every day is the same and every architecture is the same; repetitions of developments within the same block, rectangular buildings in rectangular organisations. Surely there is more to it? More to living as a value amongst other values.. more to the architecture that has been consumed by the profit that can be extracted from it or saved. This thesis seeks to explore the ways in which architecture has been subjected to and used as a tool of investment in generating capital, that in its effect has shown to instigate several social and economic conflicts of individuality, exclusivity, alienation, corporate greed and consumption.

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