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Adventures in Menstrual World Booth, Julia


Half the world’s population experiences menstruation during their lifetime. Menstruation plays an essential role in the human life cycle. Without it, none of us would be here today. And yet, it is stigmatized all over the world. Menstruation is seen as dirty, shameful, embarrassing, something to be hidden. These attitudes are a form of sexual discrimination that serve to limit and isolate menstruating people – and non-menstruating people. What if we lived in a world that celebrated menstruation? A world that revered its life-giving power? A world where periods were a source of pride, not shame? A world that offered greater support and comfort throughout the menstrual cycle? This thesis explores the wonderful possibilities of that world. Using a holistic approach ranging in scale from the menstrual cup to urban infrastructure systems, this project proposes different ways of making space for menstruating bodies.

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