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Beyond Distance : Exploring the availability of Metro Vancouver’s bus system and who can access it Chow, Laura


In recent years, public transit agencies have expressed an interest in finding ways to address inequities in the transportation system. Unlike the inclusion of a high-level health lens (which would simply support increased investment in public transportation, cycling, and walking infrastructure), addressing inequities requires a thorough understanding of social justice, local economics and job creation, health, and transportation. The purpose of this project is to consider a way to look at how well the public transportation system serves populations most in need. While it uses a measure of income to identify Census tracts of interest, it is recognized that equity impacts are felt across a variety of spectrums and a more fulsome measure may be required for future analyses. Therefore, this project does not provide any conclusive recommendations to changes to the public transportation system, but rather suggests a way to incorporate a measure of equity to public transportation evaluation.

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