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Engage! : Creating a framework for patient and family engagement for a health care organization Tydd-Whiting, Rhandall


Patient and family member engagement (PFE) is the ‘hands-on’ collaboration between patients, family members and health professionals. Meaningful engagement that incorporates patients’ voices into health care planning and delivery is considered a key strategy for achieving the “Triple Aim” of quality health care: improvement of the patient experience, better health outcomes and lower costs. Providence Health Care (PHC) has made a strong commitment to patient- and family- centred care (PFCC) but has not yet developed a framework to guide PFE. The purpose of this Scholarly Practice Advancement Research (SPAR) project was to create a PFE framework for PHC through collaboration with patient-family partners. A virtual workshop was held with patient-family partners from PHC to inform the creation of a PFE framework. Workshop participants provided a range of insights regarding existing PFE frameworks that highlighted areas that could be strengthened in order to further support patients and family members during the engagement process. Critiques were synthesized into six themes: purpose of the framework, the engagement spectrum, patient- and family- centred language, visuals, PHC mission, vision and values, and combining frameworks. The integration of best available evidence, clinical expertise, PHC’s mission, vision and values, and patient-family voices resulted in The PHC Person and Family Engagement Framework. My experience of the engagement process provided an opportunity to reflect on PFE in practice, which may provide insight for other novices in clinical leadership.

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