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Preoperative vaginal preparation with antiseptic solution in cesarean birth : a clinical practice guideline Kim, Esther


Infectious morbidities remain the most common post-cesarean complication despite prophylactic measures to reduce the risk of infection. Infectious morbidities have significant implications for both the mother and her infant(s). Current empirical evidence suggests that vaginal preparation with an antiseptic solution immediately prior to cesarean birth reduces the risk of infectious morbidities—namely endometritis—in women who were in labour and/or with ruptured membranes prior to CS. However, there are no clear recommendations for the use of vaginal preparation. This culminating project critically analyzes the literature on pre-cesarean vaginal preparation and develops a clinical practice guideline based on the literature review to standardize and guide healthcare providers’ patient care. The findings suggest that vaginal preparation with povidone-iodine or chlorhexidine decreases the incidence of postpartum endometritis. Implications for nursing include the implementation of vaginal preparation within a care bundle and further research to confirm the findings.

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