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Outside-In : exploring spatial flexibility for the embodiment of different emotions Tecson, Tricia Marie


Designed spaces affect us physically, mentally and emotionally whether we know it to be or not. An emotional response that one experiences in a piece of architecture, whether it be wonder, contempt, sadness, boredom, fear or stress, is inevitable. Through looking at the cognitive psychology process of emotions and its connection to environmental design, I aim to gain a greater understanding in the connection of a person in space. Additionally, how space, ever changing, can be perceived in differing ways. Furthermore, applying this to the conceptual portion of design. In film, the design of a cinematic space is often accredited to evoking the many different emotions of storytelling within the confines of their fantasies. The techniques in production design enforce that the built environment envisions and executes these fabricated fantasies, bleeding into the physical world of cinematic architecture. Architecture and its audience share a deep relationship through the experiences and the emotions felt within the space. As designers we can captivate through the emotional bonds created in the history and narrative of the architecture. We can incorporate film techniques to engage the emotional bond and further the architectural influence on one’s emotions. In the design approach, this thesis will engage in the ideas of how emotions and narrative can affect the built environment. I look into three specific emotions and create scenes for them that are set in the same space. I take this existing space, known for its frequent use in the film industry, and “renovate” it to incorporate different architectural interventions that can help facilitate the transformation of said space. In combining the aspects of psychology, film and architecture, I aspire to bring a greater understanding of one’s emotional response one experiences in a piece of architecture and film. Thereby designing more deliberate and engaging environments in the future.

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