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Music at Large : Architecture for the Renegade Musician Cai, Zhong


The classical music scene in Vancouver is preserved through the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, as well as the few institutions dedicated to musical learning. Because the VSO reproduces the most recognized and established works of classical music, works of less established composers and musicians do not find their way out through traditional channels. Musicians not employed by the orchestra, dubbed as “Renegade Musicians” in this project, are serious and talented musicians who do not follow the path laid out by the elite institutions. Currently, these musicians rely on busking, or performing in weddings and parties. Unfortunately, these performances and venues do not offer the musicians a legitimate platform for the appreciation of their music, nor do they offer the ideal spatial and acoustic conditions to compliment the musicians’ talents. Combined with Vancouver’s gradual closures of music venues and rehearsal spaces due to rising lease rates, musicians not part of an institution will have greater difficulty developing and performing their work. Music at Large proposes that Renegade Musicians perform to their audience using pop-up stages. These flexible modules can be deployed anywhere with vehicular access. Also, they provide adjustable acoustic panels that accommodates different acoustic needs for performances and practice. Renegade musicians take ownership of their spaces for music, and live music has the potential to appear at every corner of the city.

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