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Imaginary Realities : Authenticity, Perspective and Framing Truth(s) in Hollywood North Pearce, Zoe


Everything is embedded with meaning and landscapes are no exception. Landscapes can be read, like images and texts, to tell or support different narratives. Each narrative inherently supports certain reality(ies) while denying others. This thesis is interested in how landscapes can be imbued with different narratives and the impact of the narrative(s) on the societies that interact with them. It uses the conduit of film-induced tourism to address this question. Vancouver is the shooting location for many film and television series. These productions are consumed by, and affect viewers around the world, yet few people know the origin of the images they are consuming and no trace of the production is left once the ephemeral film set wraps shooting. There is currently no consideration of the social and long-term effects of filming on the site. This provides a rich cultural opportunity to commemorate these histories with an intervention that socially and economically benefits the community and tourists alike.

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