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The restorative assemblage of place : an exploration of the material, symbolic, and embodied dimensions of place within the restorative experience. Crawford, Nicole P.


This project, through a range of both phenomenological and empirical research, explores the restorative potential of the embedded resources of place, wherein these resources are accessed through relational encounters founded on one’s own distinct set of dynamic sociocultural-material-affective relationships. These resources are considered as: material, the physical assemblage of the place itself; symbolic, an outcome of how the place is understood to be restorative; and embodied, an outcome of the way in which individuals interact with the place. Resources of the restorative place are considered through the example of the coastal landscape as well as the practices of connection often associated with it. Dimensions of the place-assemblage are explored through these resources to develop a concept of the restorative experience in which it is co-created by both individual and landscape. One consideration to note is that the restorative experience is an intricate and complex relationship between health, personhood, and environment, and as this project approaches restoration as a relational outcome, that which is restorative for one individual may not be restorative for another. As well, though this project takes into consideration a diversity of literature, not all understandings of the restorative experience have been explored, as this project was approached exclusively through scholarly inquiry and the personal experiences of this researcher. It is this researcher’s hope, however, that one could be able to achieve restoration through a combination of the environments, experiences, and practices that follow, and that this project can make clear the many available dimensions of the restorative experience assemblage.

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