UBC Graduate Research

Climate Futures Kingdon, Alicia


Climate change, rapid urbanization, and autonomous vehicles are a few examples of the forces change that will have a significant impact on the projects that landscape architects will touch. The influence of these forces on our world remains unknown, and urban futures remain speculative. While the problems of climate change appear dire, present an opportunity for the landscape architecture discipline to engage in new scales of design. However, as designers are forced to engage with complex design problems of the contemporary era, the field now requires new forms of design methodology. Architects and Landscape Architects in the field have begun to employ a new methodology, scenario planning, to provide a framework for how to design in these disruptive conditions and help frame design solutions for an unknown future. This project proposal first seeks to understand the scenario planning methodology. Then it explores the application of the scenario method in the field of landscape architecture. Finally, a design project is proposed for the Lower Fraser River in Metro Vancouver, which seeks to design for an extreme climate future, envisioning the futures of this region at risk.

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