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Paradoxical Architecture : An Argument for the Anti-logic and the Absurd Chang, Yau Ching Norain


The project of paradoxical architecture aims to destabilize the current linear pragmatism architecture is bound by. We are experiencing an unprecedented rate of change in all aspects of our lives; climate change, technological development, commerce fluctuations, political landscapes and policy to name a few. In a world of constant changes, we must abandon the linear causal logic we deploy in our everyday decisions. I propose an alternative approach to logic; the anti-logic, a paradoxical way of thinking. Paradoxes are logic devices that can provide a new untouched landscape of opportunity in decision making strategies that exist in a space above the rational, in other words a surrational way. Rational logic is insufficient and therefore design needs to explore the surrational, the wildly unreasonable, the seemingly illogical and the self contradictory. Paradoxical Architecture applies the ethos of paradoxes and surrational logic to architectural approaches. This is a serial designed through surrationalism to create architectural paradoxes. And surprisingly, this approach may yield useful and pragmatic results.

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