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Emergent form : momentarily whole humans/lighthouses Jafari, Nahal


In this narrative, I’m looking closer into the light and the world itself, so close that it dissolves into particles. Its particles join the larger ocean of particles. The swirling ocean of particles that represents the world, is the cosmology of this project. In this cosmology, there are no boundaries and no borders, all the entities-including humans and architecture-are interconnected through the currents of this ocean of particles. In such a world, I’m exploring the cycle of time and our perception of it. Time is nothing separate from us, it is simply a part of the same ocean of particles. Time is a product of our consciousness, we construct it as it constructs our consciousness in return. Existence of space is dependent on the presence of time and consciousness. Without which the only thing that is left of space is illusion of space. And eventually, I’m exploring our spatial sense in relation to the journey of time, in other words, the role of architecture and how it changes in relation to the cycle of time; as it drifts apart from the main current at some point and become interwoven again in the flow further in the loop.

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