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(Re)Imagining Water : A Postcolonial Response to Colonial Hydrology Karim, Shaheed Hassan


(Re)Imagining Water: A Postcolonial Response to Colonial Hydrology is a case study in reappropriating architectural representation to uncover and make visible the infrastructures of power and narrative which sustain socio-economic and political inequities. Adopting a postcolonial lens this project proceeds first with an investigation of the underlying factors which have contributed to the manifestation of the systemic and paradoxical water crisis of urban India – arguing that the current water crisis affecting millions of people in Delhi, and many millions more in other large centres in India, derives from a colonial hydrology imposed upon India by the British during their colonial rule. Influenced by the role that representation played in the colonial process the final portion of the project takes the form of a hypothetical gallery exhibit containing drawings which use architectural representation to challenge what we typically draw and in some instances the way we draw - experimenting with depictions of water not just as bounding lines but as flows that respond to the social, physical and ideological infrastructures which shape India’s urban water reality.

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