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IoS³ : the Internet of Spaces : exploration of the human-centered spatial configuration responding to the living changes by the emerging "smart" technology, the internet of things. Liu, Retaw (Shijia)


As the smart era coming along with the pervasive IoT, AI and other smart technologies in the next decade. Society will confront a revolution on the space people live in, the way they are socializing and the way they perceive their living environment, even themselves. Smart space is not merely being intelligentized, but ought to become an interface where the cyberspace and the physical world are merged into one reality. Smart Spaces is the agency for occupants to interact with their environment and for them to better understand themselves. By embracing smart technologies in architecture, this thesis explores the possibilities of how people perceive and interact with their living the environment in the Smart Era through three different scales – Solo, Social and Spiritual

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