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'Me Encanta' : the Expansion of an Unorthodox Embassy in Venezuela (How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Enjoy the Fries) Yanez Hernandez, Luis


Extrapolating from my childhood memories, this project explores an unorthodox embassy; the banal and the generic. These spaces represent something “other”, exceptions in the local culture. They also represent an extraterritorial zone through the use of protocols, security, and branding mechanisms. The “McDonald's” of the world are becoming a new version of the embassy as nation-states are constricting traditional embassies due to increased paranoia. The project reads embassies as political mechanisms that deal with thresholds, images, and interiorities. The structure of the project intertwines three childhood memories with the speculation of McDonald's restaurants in my hometown (Lecheria,Venezuela) as it questions ideas of publicity and the privatization of public space. In a landscape that struggles with the creation of civic life, the project explores ways of bending the architecture of globalized institutions.

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