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Fertility preservation in women diagnosed with cancer : a proposal for a nursing competency framework Van Dijk, Pearl


Individuals diagnosed with cancer are at risk of compromised fertility as a side effect of cancer treatments. As the survival rate of patients is improving due to advancements in cancer regimens, there is an increased focus on family-building into survivorship. Although assisted reproductive technologies have made the banking and cryopreservation of gametes and reproductive tissue feasible, fertility preservation (FP) remains under-implemented. Barriers to accessing FP care affect all age groups and genders, however, the literature suggests that FP for women of child-bearing age can be particularly complex due to the invasive and potentially time-intensive nature of FP for women. This document will focus on the available knowledge on barriers and facilitators to care including the current and future role of the FP nurse. This knowledge will inform the development of an FP Nursing Competency Framework to help support the advancement of nurses in clinical practice and the improvement of care in this sub-specialty

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