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Understanding Climate Change in Nursing Practice : An Educational Tool for Nurses Radu, Raluca


Humanity today faces one of the most complex issues of its time: climate change. This natural phenomenon has been shown to have significant impacts on people’s health. As a trusted profession, nursing has the capacity and expertise to position itself in a way that advocates for health promotion and disease prevention practices in a changing climate. Nurses are encouraged to embrace the interconnectedness between the environment and human health at the core of their practice. Through an extensive review of the literature, I have developed a lesson plan that nurse educators can use to teach climate change topics in both clinical and university settings. Several resources from the planetary health field were used to guide my development of the lesson plan. Its overall intent is to introduce learners to key aspects of climate change and their impact on human health, alongside emphasizing where nursing fits within this field. Educational tool that can be used by nurse educators in both university and clinical-based settings to teach about the linkages between climate change and human health, with an emphasis on where nursing as a profession is positioned in this realm.

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