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Rest Stop : a design exploration inspired by micro moment of food Joung, Joo Yeoun


Micro moments, borrowed from the micro phenomenology writings of Claire Petitmengin, capture our lived experience, made of sensations, feelings, emotions, thoughts, and actions that we experience in a series of interconnected instant moments. The brief impression of the atmosphere when biting an apple on a picnic captures micro moments: the temperature of the air, the scent of grass, closeness to a friend sitting, glare from sunshine, and the crispy texture of the apple combine to contribute to feelings at the moment of biting the apple. Similarly, the freshness through an open window, the coziness that comes from being in a small space with the smell of my grandmother’s bread just baked, a light leading to the end of a narrow hallway with a cup of aromatic tea, combine to trigger complex emotions and sensations. Could these micro moments, that are evoked by food and space, give us a way to design? To enable us to transfer feelings like these into architecture? This idea is explored via a rest stop on Coquihalla highway where weary travelers will encounter, and even taste healing spaces in a series of highly charged micro moments.

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