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Tales of the Traveling Dust : Heterarchical Narratives of a Dusty Imaginary Lalonde Lavergne, Félix-Antoine


Architecture plays a role in the ways we represent, experience, think and therefore produce the world. In an age of environmental instability, this project posit that architecture’s raw material is the vast array of attitudes that we have towards the material world. As such, architecture is both a mean to convey narratives about how we mentally represent our environment to ourselves and a manifestation of those mental representations; An artifact. The goal of this project is to explore how the play between those attitudes can act as a point of contact between human and climatic spatio-temporal scales. Between the architectural narrative and the environmental imaginary. Drawing on concepts such as friction, entanglement, fragmentation and alterity, the project takes form through heterarchical narratives centered around a climatic phenomenon; the movement of mineral dust between two continents.

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