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Material Aware : A Speculative Kitchen Quartet Nazar, Roxanna


As we go about our lives, seldom do we stop to think meaningfully about the materials that surround us. It is not often that we question the origins of our countertops or flooring, especially in a way that critically assesses how their production and consumption shape our broader lives, spaces, landscapes, politics and rituals.The origin stories of everyday domestic materiality are largely glossed over, receding into the background, hidden or consciously considered out of our purview. When we do pause to think about where or how something was made we are met with a complex web of actions, events, landscapes, people, and labour, that is difficult to untangle. How do we begin to grapple with this complex reality? How do we begin to connect this global obscure with our own domestic lives? In short how do we acquire a more critical material awareness of our everyday surroundings? This project hopes to disrupt the often apolitical material domestic realm by speculating on the complex narratives embedded within its material makeup. Through the use of design fiction this thesis will argue for the adoption of a multidimensional relationship with materials that takes into account the social, political, and ecological imperatives shaping both our everyday lives and our global systems.At its heart this project is one of speculative visual storytelling that weave together a collection of thoughts and observations meant to question our relationship with the domestic material.

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