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University-Community Makerspaces : Best Practice Review for the UBC Stadium Neighbourhood Planning Through the Lens of Eight Case Studies Huang, Emily


Campus and Community Planning staff (C+CP) at the University of British Columbia (UBC) is undergoing a planning process for the university’s new residential community – Stadium Neighbourhood (SN). There is interest from staff and community members for a flexible/makerspace. As a response, staff is exploring to dedicate a portion of the academic and educational space in SN for a makerspace. There is currently a lack of case study precedents to guide this vision and describe what a self-sustaining makerspace could look like in SN. As a result, this research is guided by literature review, case studies, and semi-informal interviews. The goal of the future makerspace is to provide space primarily for area residents, but also be accessible to UBC students, faculty, and staff to exchange skills, knowledge, and establish an environment for community, learning, and innovation. "Professional Capstone Report"--T.P.

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