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Change Desired, Change Required : Inclusive Leadership Practice Bennett, Lukas C.


The purpose of this literature review is to explore James Ryan’s Inclusive Leadership framework as it applies to school leadership, as well as identify barriers to promoting inclusion, and strategies to overcome those barriers. In 2019, societies, and consequently learning environments, are becoming increasingly diverse. Therefore, inclusive leadership is a significant framework to examine because it can help current - and future - leaders identify barriers to inclusion in their own practice and educational environments and develop strategies to promote social justice. Literature was selected to include important facets of inclusive leadership , including: the key elements of James Ryan’s inclusive leadership framework; the strategies and roadblocks to practice inclusive leadership and to answer the question: why should leaders practice inclusive leadership? This literature review hopes to illuminate that while inclusive leadership has its challenges, the steps to implement it are not out-of-reach. The literature review concludes with some reflections on personal experiences, areas for future focus, some words of caution and a concluding remark about how inclusive leadership will become more vital in the future.

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