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Representation of fall and injury prevention concepts within the international classification for nursing practice Campbell, Lori Anne


Falls and related-injuries are regarded by many to be avoidable problems in inpatient healthcare. This project analyzed concepts relating to fall and injury prevention and developed a catalogue of terms from the International Classification for Nursing Practice (ICNP) terminology. To-date, a catalogue of terms from the ICNP has not been developed to ensure that the assessments and interventions required to prevent falls and related-injuries can be expressed using that terminology. For this study, five guidelines from US, UK, Canadian, and Australian healthcare quality organizations were identified and concepts were extracted to provide a list of assessment parameters and interventions to prevent falls and related-injuries that could form the basis for a summary catalogue of ICNP terms. Guidelines were limited to those that addressed inpatient care that would involve nursing but were not limited to assessments and interventions solely completed by the nurse. Sixty-three terms were identified and these were mapped to the ICNP to determine how well these concepts can be expressed in this terminology. Findings show that 93.7% of the fall and injury prevention concepts found in these guidelines could be at least partially mapped to terms within the ICNP. Only 79.4% of the 63 terms mapped could be completely expressed by ICNP terms. A majority of terms required more than one term to express the full concept, with 62% of these requiring more than one ICNP term. These findings signal a need for improvements to the completeness of the ICNP terminology to fully express fall and injury prevention concepts, and a need for additional pre-coordinated terms within ICNP to increase the precision of the language.

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