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Delirious underground : Part I Da Costa, Brandon


The underground is a place of many interconnected things, both physical and metaphysical. Because of these interactions between the negative space of the underground and the multitude of programs that find their way into its constructs, it suggests that the underground is a hybrid of never just one way of operating, but many. This idea can be looked at in both context to nature, as a place that creates itself out of natural processes, but then finds itself as a shelter for living beings alike. Whereas this hybridity can be also artificial, like a metro station that becomes the office for buskers and street performers year round. This thesis will tackle this multi-faceted language of the underground in the architectural discourse. It will look at precedents outlining some of the aims of the study that will flow into a typology exploration broken down to various categories each with their own multiple modes of existence. Underground operations will also be explored that outline the connections to the underground made through the operative of moving downward. This will then branch to a mapping study setting the groundwork for a dossier toward a variety of places that operate differently in their unique underground conditions. This analysis will end with the proper knowledge to comfortably move into the Part II of the thesis with the aim of producing an underground architecture for the sake of the underground.

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