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Journey Through Cascadia Lorimer, Julia


On the West Coast of North America lies the bioregion of Cascadia. Encompassing numerous watersheds, this bioregion is made up of mountains, islands, temperate rainforests, and many more landscapes inherent to its identity. Known for its natural beauty, the region has also been characterized as being environmentally focused with politically left-leaning urban residents. Shared economies, politics, and watersheds have all inspired independence movements for the new nation of Cascadia. This graduate project takes place in a future where Cascadia has seceded from both Canada and the United States and the bioregion’s health is placed at the centre of all decision making. To help connect its three largest cities, the first large infrastructural project in Cascadia is a high speed rail line from Vancouver to Portland. Though inherently tied to the land, rail also has the ability to separate passengers from it while passing by at tremendous speeds. Being that the landscape holds such importance in this new nation, the planning of the new rail line seeks to give passengers every opportunity to experience the landscape as they travel through.

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