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Minor Tangents : Memorials for Tashme Hamatani, Victoria


In 2017, the 75th anniversary of the beginning of Japanese Canadian internment was celebrated. Methods of remembering this event have been quietly marked over time through art installations, museums, and interpretative signs. Sites that were involved in this history are sprinkled all throughout Canada, many of them are concentrated in the interior of BC, as well as in Vancouver, where Japanese immigration began in the late 1880’s. Now, many sites sit dormant and neutral to their histories, at risk of erasure as the involved generation passes away. Japanese Canadian internment affected many places, shaping sites now commonly passed by today with little mention like Hastings Park, Roger’s Sugar Factory, Crowsnest Highway, Southern Alberta’s farming community, and the Sunshine Valley. These sites are loaded with significance that begs to be called on and re-evaluated in the new context of today. This thesis will build on this body of work to continue the process of remembrance through rituals supported by sites in the Sunshine Valley, former Tashme internment site. This project deploys a minor methodology to subvert the static, constructed tendency of major memorials to disregard personal experiences and their anecdotes. A minor methodology employs these anecdotes to generate spaces that recall these experiences, demonstrating the latent authority, depth and nuance to these stories.

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