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Irresistible Decay : Reclaim Ruins in Chiatura, Georgia. Huang, Jiahui


Ruins can be invaluable relics, decorative follies or problematic garbage in cities. Many people see the value of ruins only in the history that lies behind them, but ruins are much more complex. They evoke nostalgia, contemplation and imagination. While some ancient ruins have been developed into tourist sites, modern ruins have the potential to be explored and experienced in a different way. The project title “irresistible decay” means ruins cannot resist the power of time or lack of funds for renovation, while people are also irresistible to the “ruin porn”. This project explores the situations of modern ruins and how they are perceived, used and re-purposed today. The goal is to reveal the new aesthetics of decay, determine the requirements for experiencing ruins in a contemporary context, and encourage the field of landscape architecture to respond to the new needs for ruin interventions.

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