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An integrative review of the factors influencing the retention of novice nurses in acute care Abdulla, Shaiza


The overall aim for this inquiry has been to review and synthesize existing literature focused on nurse retention and distill specific strategies that can be tailored for novice nurses working within an acute care context. The IR framework, described by Whittemore and Knafl (2005) (detailed in Chapter 3) provided the structure and scope to conduct this review; specifically, the derivation of the problem, review questions, analysis of the research and presentation of the results (Whittemore & Knafl, 2005). These stages of the IR framework allowed for a comprehensive investigation of the review question. Both qualitative and quantitative studies (experimental and non-experimental) were included to synthesize evidence and knowledge to address the complex question of how to retain novice nurses (Soares, Hoga, Peduzzi, Sangaleti, Yonekura, & Silva, 2014; Whittemore & Knafl, 2005). Recommendations and implications derived from the synthesis and analysis are provided in later chapters for nurse managers, clinical nurse educators, charge nurses, and other senior stakeholders working with novice nurses. The suggestions focus on ways to improve work environments in acute care settings, practice supports, education, and leadership for novice nurses. The findings will detail how a healthy work environment with appropriate supports can contribute to safe care that can, in turn, increase job satisfaction and organizational commitment, thereby decreasing turnover for novice nurses (Laschinger et al., 2009; Lavoie-Trembler et al., 2008; Numminen et al., 2017).

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