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Structural barriers and supports for nurses’ continuing professional development in acute care : a scoping review Cehic, Irma


Continuing professional development (CPD) is an ongoing obligation nurses have to the public. It is how nurses maintain professional and practice standards, but also, it is a means for nurses to develop their careers in nursing education, leadership, practice and research. By using a scoping review methodology, I sought to answer what are the structural barriers and supports that exist for nurses in meeting their CPD obligations in acute care settings. Three theoretical frameworks (adult learning theory, complex adaptive systems theory and relational inquiry) were used to guide my critical analysis, discussion, implications, and recommendations. Amongst the findings, fifty-one sources were used to inform five themes: sense of community; a vision and mission from leadership and management; resource accessibility; commitment to learner centered foci; and optimized workplace environments. I discuss implications for nursing education, leadership, practice and research domains, as well as recommendations for stakeholder at all levels.

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