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Advancing serious illness communication skills for palliative home care nurses : a critical analysis Park, Sungyou


Conversations between patients and home care nurses (HCNs) regarding patients’ values, priorities and goals of care are considered an essential component of all healthcare, in particular, quality palliative care and advance care planning. The unique relationship between HCNs and patients with serious illnesses place nurses in an ideal position for facilitating and initiating serious illness conversations. These vital conversations are often considered challenging which can result in missed opportunities for improving quality of care. Many tools are available to enhance communication practice in palliative care. One tool being implemented in BC and North America is the Serious Illness Conversation Program. I will argue that it holds promise, but needs adaptation for nursing practice. I will use the Theory of Planned Behaviour to critically analyze how the Serious Illness Conversation Program could be integrated into nursing practice in the home care setting.

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