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Frailty in hospitalized older adults : a clinical practice guideline Gill, Rupali


Frailty is a key geriatric syndrome in older adults. As the number of older adults increases, so does the recognition and treatment of frailty. Older adults are the largest population to use the healthcare system, including admission to hospital. Nurses at the point of care are situated in the right place to assess and intervene for frailty. If frailty is not assessed and interventions are not initiated in a timely manner, older adults are at risk for many adverse events and functional decline. Clinical practice guidelines (CPGs) are systematically developed statements to assist practitioners and patients to make decisions about appropriate healthcare for specific clinical decisions and situations. In addition, clinicians who use practice guidelines can draw upon the collective work and experience of many researchers, clinicians and patients instead of relying solely on their own personal knowledge and experience to guide their clinical practice decisions. The ‘Frailty in Acute Care’ CPG in this paper, based on a literature review of the current state of knowledge, guides practice and assists nurses, frail patients, and families to understand and act towards frailty.

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