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Menopause group medical visits led by nurse practitioners Wolfe, Lori


Women in Canada and around the world vary in their experience of menopause. Symptom severity and perception of menopause effects symptom management and accessing of primary care services. A mismatch exists between the holistic menopausal care that women want and what primary care can provide. Group medical visits increase access to primary care, improve health outcomes and increase satisfaction with care. Success of group medical visits in chronic disease management outcomes, particularly around self-efficacy, may be transferable to menopause group medical visits. Increased self-care abilities may in turn influence health behaviours, and ultimately outcomes of modifiable diseases in later life. Nurse Practitioner training and skills are well suited to the facilitation style of group medical visits. The project described in this paper is a series of Nurse Practitioner-led group medical visit lesson plans designed to improve patient outcomes and satisfaction with menopause-related primary care.

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