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Medical assistance in dying: the role of the nurse practitioner Derpak, Carly Kristine


Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) is the Canadian response to the enduring debate over euthanasia. Canada is the first country to permit Nurse Practitioners (NPs) to provide these services. This culminating project addressed the problem of limited overall knowledge of MAiD and provided evidence-based arguments for the increased role and need of NPs providing MAiD services. A scoping literature review was completed, and results were evaluated utilizing the Joanna Briggs Institute critical appraisal tools. Results provided an overview of the historical, legal and procedural related background of MAiD. Despite thousands of years of legal, medical, philosophical, and theological deliberations, euthanasia remains a controversial and unresolved concept. An objective outline on the main contentious ethical issues such as mental illness, mature minors, contentious objection and advanced directives was provided. Barriers were looked at such as geography and compensation for MAiD, alongside accompanied solutions. Procedural details were summarised including documentation and medications. Lastly, the role of nurse practitioners was discussed providing evidence that their skills and knowledge suits the provision of MAiD services.

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