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Sexual Health in Men with Traumatic Spinal Cord Injuries : A Review and Recommendations for Primary Health Care Providers Aikman, Kirsten


Sexual health has been well-established as a salient and ongoing priority for men following traumatic spinal cord injury; yet it continues to be under-addressed by health care providers in both inpatient and community-based settings (Elliott, Hocaloski, & Carlson, 2017; Post & van Leeuwen, 2012; Simpson et al., 2012). Given that most men with traumatic spinal cord injuries will be followed by community-based primary care providers, including family physicians and nurse practitioners, for their long-term health care needs, these clinicians are well positioned to address ongoing sexual health issues with this population. This scoping review summarizes the recent literature on sexual health in men with traumatic spinal cord injuries as a means to offering evidence-based strategies to support primary care providers.

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