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A WOE Worldview : One Métis Woman's Story Jarvis, Sharon


This paper is an inquiry into “aha” moments I encountered while exploring my Métis ancestry and place. It seeks to alleviate trauma through expressive narrative and reveal ways for educators to teach Métis learners. This was accomplished by the revelation of the wâhkôhtowin worldview that emerged from my autobiographical exploration of my ancestry on Turtle Island (North America). Wâhkôhtowin is a Cree word for “all my relations” is the one I will use. This exploration is a form of praxis, an Indigenous story that I hope leads to action and educational change. To do this, I, an adult Métis from Northern Alberta, explored recent Métis scholarship and autobiographies of adult Métis from Northern Alberta and Saskatchewan. I then told my own story, finding themes that give rise to a Métis worldview. The results showed that teaching and learning for the Métis must comprise a sense of belonging for “all my relations” as well as a self-determining (otipemisiwak), respectful (ekichinantak) learning environment for wâhkôhtowin. I conclude with some implications for further study and for education.

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