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"Missing" Parents : What Are We Missing? : Engaging Parents in Early Childhood Education Programs Archibald, Clare Audit


In this capstone project I examine the extant literature focused on attracting, retaining and engaging “missing” parents in early childhood education and parenting programs. I am concerned that many children are experiencing significant adjustment issues upon kindergarten entry. These children are thought to be lacking early learning opportunities although many opportunities exist in our school district. Thus, I seek to understand why parents may not be attending or sustaining their attendance in early childhood education programs designed for themselves and their children. Two theoretical frameworks, Bronfenbrenner’s ecological systems theory (1979) and Moll’s funds of knowledge framework (2005), guide this project. I also study three parent involvement models: Comer’s model for reforming education (1996); Epstein’s model for family involvement (2011); and Landy and Menna’s approach with multi-risk families (2006). I explore the New Brunswick Curriculum Framework for Early Learning and Child Care ~ English (2008) to examine its discourse on parental involvement in early childhood education programs. I search for promising practices to attract, retain and engage “missing” parents. I focus on the courage required by parents to enter into unknown situations in the best interest of their children. I express my hope that this capstone project will spark discussion, innovation and change to current practices, resulting in increased engagement of “missing” parents and children.

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