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Communication amongst inflammatory arthritis care teams Gowan, Chelsey; Inouye, Kristy


This video was created as a knowledge translation tool to communicate the key findings of a one-year research project completed by Master of Occupational Therapy students Gowan and Inouye (supervised by Dr. Laura Nimmon and Dr. Melinda Suto). Specifically, this qualitative study examined inflammatory arthritis care team dynamics, focusing on power negotiation and communication amongst care teams for two men with inflammatory arthritis (pseudonyms Cam and Geoff). The data collected for this one-year research project was part of a larger-scale, three-year ethnographic study titled Power of the Patient. The larger-scale study uses a sociological power lens to explore how care is negotiated amongst inflammatory arthritis care teams, and is funded by the Arthritis Society. Gowan and Inouye would like to acknowledge and sincerely thank their research supervisors, the larger Power of the Patient research team, the study participants, and the Arthritis Society. A separate file identifying image and background information sources has also been included.

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