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"Trans*, intersex, and gender-variant justice : the persistent battle" Walters, Chad R.


We, as a society, have been deepening our conceptual understanding of sex and gender, and are discovering that these concepts are more complex than originally assumed. In turn, we have been adapting and changing – our language, policies, practices, theories, etc. – along with that understanding, arguably not fast enough. Sex and gender are not simply concepts that consist of an either-or, man-woman, or male-female binary system. Relaxing these rigid conceptions exposes the incredible diversity that undeniably exists within our sphere of humanity. This paper explores this diversity, highlighting the intersection where sex and gender variation – particularly Trans*, Intersex and Gender-Variant (TIGV) individuals – meet and interact with society.This paper, using a lens of social justice, brings attention to several – but certainly not all – of these systemic barriers, highlighting their impact upon the health and wellness of these TIGV individuals.

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