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Guiguinto : Towards a Local Climate Change Action Plan Karu, Chris; Mozo, Jhon Alexander; Reiss, Veronica; Rosen, Emily; Ward, Daniel


Climate change is one of the greatest contemporary issues facing communities in the Philippines–a country already experiencing the impacts of extreme changes in weather. Planning is uniquely able to provide comprehensive, community-driven responses to this issue. In this project, students executed participatory planning processes around climate change to increase the adaptive capacities of the Municipality of Guiguinto, engaging municipal staff and community leaders in the process. The resulting report contains key recommendations for the municipality that are locally specific, and community-based, with an emphasis on urban development and the existing 7K program. The Municipality of Guiguinto is now actively using the report to do further planning and community engagement, and to prepare their nationally-mandated Local Climate Change Adaptation Plans.

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