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Supporting immigrant preschool children in culturally diverse preschools Tanaka, Keiko


It has become a global trend for large numbers of people including young children to migrate from one country to another country. These young immigrant children are entering childcare facilities, with the result that these preschool programs are increasingly culturally and linguistically-diverse. There is, therefore, a need for early childhood educators to understand and respond to the unique needs of young immigrant children in order to provide them with appropriate supports. In this paper, I draw on current research and literature to examine the roles of parents, families, and communities, as well as educators in supporting young immigrant children’s needs in Early Childhood Education and Care settings. I also investigate approaches that early childhood educators are using in the culturally and linguistically-diverse preschools to support immigrant children’s holistic development. I suggest strategies that early childhood educators could utilize in their classrooms to support immigrant children’s development and learning.

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