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The social context of depression : How NPs can better address women's healthcare needs Keddie, Heather


Women with social disadvantage often experience the most severe effects of depression and rely heavily on primary care for depression management. NPs, within the primary care sector, must know how to diagnose and treat depression and also recognize the root causes of depression that are influenced by social factors including disparities in the social determinants of health, adverse childhood events, and the experience of trauma and violence. Challenges to current depression management have significant economic and social costs to women, families, communities, and the health care system. Through the implementation of collaborative care practices, using trauma- and violence-informed principles to support and empower women, NPs are well positioned to be leaders in the management of depression care. As advocates at the clinical, community, and policy levels, NPs can address the root causes of depression, mitigating the long-term consequences related frequently to the experience of social inequities, trauma, and violence. Keywords: Depression, Women, Social Disadvantage, Trauma and Violence, Collaborative Care, Nurse Practitioners

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