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Conversations About Climate Change Adaptation : Usap-usapan tungkol sa pakikibagay sa panahon Benson, George; Haber, Andrea; Lao, Aaron; Krahn, Alix; Marteleira, Michelle; Trujillo, Maria


Baliwag currently faces various impacts from climate change. Baliwag should focus on adaptation in response to climate change. [Images omitted] The Philippines is a minor cause of climate change, but faces major impacts. Baliwag must focus on adapting to these impacts. This report combines the voices of Baliwag citizens, the strengths of the community, and the authors’ outside perspective to to produce locally relevant adaptation recommendations. Summary of Recommendations Human Health & Security-- Continue livelihood programs in resettlement areas Plant local, non- invasive tree species on the sidewalks and roads for shade Host IECs on heat-related health issues. Food Security--Upgrade and maintain irrigation canals Continue to implement educational programs for farmers Establish a food systems plan and goals for creating food security. Water Sufficiency--Improve water infrastructure maintenance through institutional coordination Pursue water conservation measures through jointly-created IECs. Infrastructure--Continue to prioritize upgrading stormwater drainage infrastructure Identify and protect vulnerable infrastructure Decrease heat island effect through shade creation strategies. Industry--Train businesses, especially small and medium enterprises, and provide resources to be climate adaptive Leverage new and existing corporate social responsibility policies for adaptation. Knowledge & Capacity Building--Build staff and community knowledge on climate change Standardize and increase data collection Increase institutional collaboration with a climate Technical Working Group. These recommended climate adaptations can be taken by all actors in Baliwag, from the municipal staff, to individual businesses. Baliwag is already adapting, and will only continue to become more resilient.

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