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Graduate Student Symposium on Fish Population Dynamics and Management Vasconcellos, Marcelo, 1971-; Preikshot, David


The third Fisheries Graduate student symposium was held at the Ralf Yorque room of the UBC Fisheries Centre, from March 21 to March 23, 1997. Attendees included 16 students from the UBC Fisheries Centre, 5 students from the School of Fisheries and School of Marine Affairs, University of Washington, 6 students from the School of Resource Management, Simon Fraser University and 1 student from the Department of Biology, University of Victoria. The symposium was organized in four general subjects: ecosystems and fisheries; fish population dynamics and behaviour; climate and fisheries; and fisheries management. There was much discussion and an open exchange of views as the participants took advantage of an opportunity to discuss their research without the perception of pressure from advisors, faculty, or established researches. The conference was a success, illustrative of the high quality of fisheries research that is being conducted in the Pacific Northwest. Next years symposium will be held at the School of Fisheries, University of Washington.

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