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The concept of legal literacy amongst educators in Canada Peña Carranco, Laura Elisa


The purpose of this paper is to show that both federal and provincial legislations directly impact the education profession, thus making it essential for educators to be legally literate. I intend to achieve this by thoroughly exploring the concept of legal literacy amongst educators. I take into account the legal framework that hold their profession to account, while I attempt to contribute to the understanding of what it means for an educator in Canada to be legally literate. I do not only seek to provide an understanding of the legal bodies that regulate the teaching profession, even though that is a great starting point, but to reflect on the importance of educators being knowledgeable of these legal bodies and for what purposes. The paper is organized in four main sections each one with its own subsections. In the first section I analyse the definition of literacy, the meaning legal has in the concept of legal literacy, and its role in the educational field. Section two is where I address educators’ understandings and level of legal literacy. In section three I explore the importance of having legally literate educators and I include some recommendations that might contribute to improving educators’ level of legal literacy. Finally, I conclude in section four with a reflection on the importance it has for educators to be legally literate and to see the process of becoming legally literate as an active one.

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