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Mediating identities : Language, media, and Filipinos in Canada Darvin, Ron


News about the nation-state and its citizens is an important component of the discourse of nationhood, and its representations of migrant groups can refract relations of power, constructing subject positions that may locate them in the periphery of this imagined community. These mediated identities construct public perception, and by internalizing them, migrant learners can invest in their learning and pursue life trajectories in ways that reflect this positioning. To demonstrate how language and images in the news can position minorities, this paper provides a critical discourse analysis of reports from several major Canadian newspapers that provide accounts of Filipino immigrants, Canada’s fourth largest, but significantly under-researched, visible minority. Recognizing the power of media to promote specific ways of thinking, this paper recommends a critical pedagogy that develops a sharper awareness of how media operates and how migration serves the needs of the nation-state. It seeks to provide a framework through which migrant learners can examine and challenge the very discourses that position them.

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