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Unit Specific Nursing Orientation Santucci, Julia


Purpose: The purpose of this paper is to critically review the current literature (1-8 years) related to unit specific nursing orientation of newly hired nurses to uncover criteria for effective orientation using learner-centered approaches. Methods: An integrative literature review will be used to review, evaluate and integrate the selected literature collected on my research topic of unit specific new hire orientation of newly hired nurses by means of a systematic search strategy. Findings: The research reports several newly designed orientation interventions and programs, which were implemented in acute care settings to identify challenges and to address identified challenges in the orientation process. Interventions which support a well-organized unit specific orientation for newly hired nurses may not only lead to a better prepared newly hired nurse, but also the retention of newly hired nurses. Research limitations and implications: A major limitation was the limited amount of available appropriate studies for this integrated literature review. Nursing research is relatively new on the topic of unit specific nursing orientation. Still, because of the ever-increasing concern with nursing turnover it is imperative that this research continues.

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