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A Diary for Parents of Children with Suspected Asthma Harris, Jodi


Asthma is one of the most common illnesses in childhood. The development of asthma occurs early in life and is associated with many risk factors. However, identification and diagnosis of asthma in children is challenging. This is due to variability of disease presentations, as well as the inability of some children to perform diagnostic tests essential for accurate diagnosis. Therefore, it has been recommended a tool be created to assist in the diagnosis of asthma in children less than 6 years old. Given this salient recommendation, the purpose of this project is to develop a symptom mapping tool (in the form of a diary) Nurse Practitioners can offer to parents of children under 6 years old with suspected asthma, who have not yet been diagnosed. This diary will act as a travelling chart that serves to document episodes mirroring the development of asthma. In order to create this tool, a comprehensive literature review was completed and as a result, ‘My Breathing Buddy’ was created. This tool helps parents provide pertinent diagnostic information regarding symptoms related to upper respiratory illnesses that mimic asthma. Ultimately, this tool aims to empower parents and integrates both the patient and parent into the diagnostic process.

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